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We at Levi change specialize in foreign currency conversion for tourist groups visiting Israel, by prioritizing low exchange fees and time saving solutions for both tourist groups and agents using our services.

Levi Change has developed a simple-to-use logistic interface providing conversion of foreign currency into New Israeli Shekels (NIS) at a fair exchange rate, making their trip to Israel start off in the best way possible.

We are collaborating with a variety of travel agencies, including “Orchid”, “Yokalim”, “IGT”, and have partnered with “Taglit-Brightlight” project on their many group travels to Israel.

We invite you to be a part of the exchange process and being able to profit from it, in an active cooperation between Levi Change and the trip organizing team. 

4 Reasons to Choose


 Efficient Service

After years of experience, we come prepared with ready-made envelopes for quick exchange of currencies to all group members and make sure we take care of one by one, fulfilling their requests and needs.

Best Alternative

We provide new shekels to the whole group offering the exchange at a much better rate than anywhere else. We also work with credit card withdrawals, where we are able to offer the best transactions fees.



We help travelers save a significant amount of money that could otherwise be used in Israel. We spare organizers and tourists the headache of finding solutions for the currency exchange process. We spare them of unnecessary fees, logistics concerns, etc.


We believe in cooperation and operating as an ally of traveling organizations. Therefore,  the trip organizers are invited to become real and active partners by being able to profit from the exchange process.

עצם השירות

אנו בחברת לוי ציינג' מהווים פתרון חדשני לקבוצות הנוחתות בארץ למס ימי טיול אשר עקב זמנם הקצר ולוח זמנים צפוף נאלצות להחליף את כספם בשדה התעופה , במלון, או באתרי וחנויות תיירות אשר ממירות בשער גבוה מאוד וגובות בנוסף עמלה גבוהה. 

לאחר שנות ניסיון רבות פיתחנו בלוי ציינג' ממשק פשוט וחסכוני אשר מהווה פתרון חשוב ופורץ דרך

להחלפת מט"ח לקבוצות. על ידי לוגיסטיקה מקצועית של מפגש עם הקבוצה אנו נחליף את המט"ח לשקלים במחירים טובים ועדיפים לתייר ובנוסף נוכל לשתף ברווחים את מארגני הטיול והחופשה בישראל .        

מחיר מנצח 

9 שנות ניסיון

ברישיון משרד האוצר


 לפרטים נוספים אנא צרו  עימנו קשר

Outstanding Service

We at Levi Change offer an innovative solution for groups that land for a trip in israel . which due to their short time and a tight schedule, are forced to exchange their money at the airport, hotel or tourist sites that convert at a very high rate and charge  high commission.

After many years of experience we have developed a simple and economical interface that allows tourists to exchange their money at a great rate and by this saving a significant amount of money.


For our clients we offer the best rates for exchanging foreign currency and For the trip organizers, we offer the possibility of sharing profits.

Most Competitive Price

9 years of experience

Licensed by the Israel Ministry of Finance

Reliable Service

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